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Default Questions about genotypes/genetic codes

I've been studying Syrian genetics lately, and I am confused about some genetic codes; there seems to be no exact coding; some sites give different genetic codes than others.

For example:

Golden: (++), other sites (AA or Aa).
Banded: (BaBa or Baba); other sites (Ba-) or (Ba_)
Satin: (Sasa); other sites (Sa-)
Rex: (rxrx); other sites (Rxrx) or (Rx-)
Short Hair: (Ll); other sites (L-)

Which one is correct here?

Other questions;

1. How do you call a hamster that is:

Color: Golden
Pattern: Banded
Coat Type: Long Hair, Rex, Satin,

Is it "Golden Banded Long Hair Rex Satin"?

2. Does it need to be Color first + Pattern + Coat Type?
3. How do I write the genetic code?
4. Should it be in alphabetical order?
5. How do you write a genetic code for a hamster "who carries, or carrier" a certain gene?

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