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Default Re: A lot of questions

1. You can buy aspen from the reptile section of pet stores. It’s usually shredded aspen:
Also small pet select sell aspen but as woodshaving flakes - Aspen shavings bedding - Small Pet Select UK

2. Rosewood Pick n fly is safe. From looking at the product image looks like they contain flax, panicle millet and sorghum/Dari. All are safe for hamsters. The rosewood harvest festival contain flax, oat sprays alongside dill and mint. This one is also safe to use - content vary from pack to pack.

3. You can buy forage mixes from pets at home I normally get the herbal salad one -
This website also has lots of forage Forage for rabbits, guinea pigs & small animals | Bunny Bistro.

4. When taming I avoid using treat especially feeding them from your hand so my hamsters don’t associate my hands with food. How I tame my hamsters is I set up and playpen and sit in there with them. I go on my phone and completely ignore them - I don’t try to pick them up or try handle them. Normally they will avoid climbing on your for the first few days or even week. Then they start to get braver and begin climbing into your lap. When they get really comfortable climbing into your lap I put my hand - palm upward in my lap and let them walk over. I avoid lifting my hand up or moving it until they get really comfortable climbing into my hand. Then begin lifting your hand up briefly then put them straight back down - gradually extend the amount of time in your hand the more confident they get. It takes a lot of repetition and it best where possible do it daily. And they get a treat when I put them back into their cage so it more of a reward. This is the taming method. And wash your hand with unscented soap beforehand. This method is really successful for me and has help even my most nervous Syrian become tame.

5. Look into c&c grids - Stylish playpen. I didn’t use the same panels as my Syrians will chew through. Instead I bought the grid versions and covered each panel in 4mm clear acrylic (you can order custom cut sizes or I bought a large sheet and cut to size myself) and attached them to the panel using binder clips. It chewproof and they can’t climb over it.
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