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Default A lot of questions

I've had my first hamster, a Syrian boy (whom now i suspect being a girl since when he stand up I couldn't see the testicles(I couldn't see nipples and I don't think he/she has heat though I'm not sure)named Starnite for about 2 months now. One day,when I was scattering his food,I took a look at the cage and I was thinking, this cage need a serious glow up. And so begins my hamster haul plans

Q1.Safe wood shaving(preferably aspen)in the UK?
One thing I do want to add is some more texture so I think adding a wood bedding type would create a nice colour scheme and texture. From what I know,they're cheaper so if I put some wood bedding in the middle,I can pile up paper based bedding on the two sides. I'm only using wood shaving for one third of the cage and that part is not his toilet area so the wood bedding is probably going to be changed every 3 months. Therefore, I don't intend to bulk buy but if that is way cheaper then I'm okay with it.

Q2. Are all sprays in the rosewood pick n fly hamster safe?
One thing that I definitely need for the cage is sprays. I kind of want a cheaper option so I searched the whole Amazon and found this. It's marketed for birds but I saw people saying that it's completely safe for hamsters but I'm not sure since people on amazon says small cages is good anyway.

Q3:Forage mix in the UK
Forage mix is probably the most important thing for me,since I can't bear strong smells and even though the cage doesn't smell that bad,it never smells fresh so forage mix would really help

Q4:Taming tips?
I'm not sure if Starnite is a ghost or not,but I have a feeling that it'll be a long journey taming him. I've searched the whole internet and even the forum and the taming ways but
just didn't work. First attempt to tame him is a failure as he has bitten 2 people while me and my dad tried to let him to take treats from our palms. He uses the same move to bite:nibble, nibble, BITE. He still let me to pet him and he will take treats from my hand but he just gets nibbly when I show him fingers. I've tried using baking gloves and he still tries to eat the fingers.

Q5iy playpen?
I usually use bathtub for free roaming but it's a pain trying to dry the whole thing every time he free roams so I really want to have a cheap diy playpen but we have no idea how to do it cheaply.. Any help would be appreciated (sorry for the long post)
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