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Default Re: Seeking Advice for Extremely Fearful Syrian

Originally Posted by Amethyst_ice View Post
Hello and welcome to HC!

Firstly, a month isn't that long. While he may be more content to do his own thing, I'd still say he's in the settling in period

Do you have a free range area for him?

In terms of transporting. I use a large glass jug that they walk into while tipped on its side and if needed a book can be placed on top. That should solve that issue.

In terms of awake hours. I've had some really late risers, 3am types! What I do is usually pop in the room around 9pm and make a bit of noise, sometimes a curious ham will pop out and if they are still awake after a few minutes, had a drink etc,ill get them out for a short time, 5/10min, then pop them back. I use their "sleepy time" to handle them also.Pop a blanket on my lap and let them run over me.

I find once they feel comfortable in their home, they'll start popping out once you are making noise in the room.

I don't advise lifting lids of houses either.

In terms of spot cleans. Once the jug is mastered, just pop him in the bin cage or free range to do it then.

I'd just relax and try to do taming/bonding outside the cage so he can get used to you. Some hamsters act differently inside their cage too so I work on our bond outside

So, one of the challenges with Tate is that he never leaves his burrow. I'd happily try a glass jar or something to just move him out of the way easily and safely but he can't be coaxed, not even with treats, which is why cleaning is such a difficult and stressful process. And because he won't pop out--he's surprisingly incurious--it often takes a while for me to get him out so I can scoop up the mess.

And it does get messy. The aspen doesn't seem terribly absorbent and a lot of it has to be removed outright, and he seems to be sleeping, peeing, pooping, and storing food all in a single spot. I don't know if this is typical or because he can't burrow easily. I have paper bedding ready to roll but, again, too leery of stressing him further.

I wish he was doing his business somewhere else in the habitat. If I could spot clean without moving him needlessly I'd be happy to let him be until he calms down enough to start over but as it is now...

Re: free roam space... I have plastic panels ready to be made into play pen partitions but haven't yet set it up since I still need hides and things to put in it to make him more at ease. And he's shown no interest at all in the toys and chews I leave for him.
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