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There are different forms of fats - nuts being plant based contain unsaturated fats which is considered a healthy fat - can help lower cholesterol and has other health benefits. However even though considered healthy they still need to be fed in moderation.

With pistachios I buy them from the baking aisle as they are unsalted and unroasted. I give them in their shells so they have to work a bit harder to get the out.

All protein are typically higher in fat. Chicken is lower in fat being a lean meat but other Lower fat protein source include dried grasshoppers, or freeze-dried shrimp but as your Syrian doesn’t like mealworms then she probably won’t like these either.

I use these freeze dried chicken treats - You can use freeze-dried chicken from other species as long as it 100% chicken which no added preservatives.
Waffle WW Russian Hybrid and Biscuit Syrian

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