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Default Re: Rodipet food

1) Rodipet say on their website “this mixture serves as a change from the … junior & senior food. We recommend a portion of "variety" for your fur nose every third day instead of the "Junior" or "Senior" main food.”

So based on this you could buy both or just the junior mix.

2) What Species of hamster do you have? I assuming by you saying she doesn’t like mealworm I would say you have a Syrian? If so a good protein source is freeze dried chicken. You can buy it from cat section of pet stores. Which is cooked chicken which has had all moisture removed. This go down well. And give this as a treat alongside the food. Nuts such as pistachio and walnuts are also higher in protein.

Please try not to worry too much about stats on species specific mixes. I would advise following the rodipet feeding guidelines on their website then you shouldn’t need to worry about the stats.

3) I would just be cautious about the amount you add additional to the cage. If given as treats/ your hamster eats these sparingly you won’t have an issue adding additional to the cage. If your hamster overindulges on these alongside the food mix then reduce the amount extra you feed and give other seed sprays to increase variety. My pets (other than my Russian) don’t overindulge in these additional treats unlike my Russian who I have to be careful with how much extra I feed.
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