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Default 2yrs old dwarf RWW losing weight

When I brought the two sister home 2 years ago, they were almost 2 months old. Hetti was 32g and Mitzi 45. They grew and both put on weight. Hetti weighed 55g and Mitzi 72g.
They have both enjoyed good health for the past 2 years (2nd birthday 15 May)
A month ago, Hetti, began to lose weight. I put her on vitamin and protein enriched diet She remained a happy, chirpy as ever. At ad drank as always.
She began to drink a bit more, so I did a diabetes test, which turned out to be Negative.
When she got down to 43g I made an appointment with the local vet. She found nothing wrong with her. After she lost couple more gs, I spoke to her again. I was given a vial of Baytril to administer twice a day.
She is 5 days into the treatment. She now weighs 39g for 3 days.
My question is: if she continues losing weight, low skinny will she become? I hope that the meds will do some good and she will live for a bit more.
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