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Question struggling to find enrichment

my female syrian has recently started to claw at the corners of her enclosure, i covered the corners with bendy bridges so she doesn't ingest the aquarium sealant. she is in an ikea platsa that has a a floorspace of 1,300sqi

i'm pretty sure she is bored at the moment as she only recently started showing that behaviour & not being out as much.
she has multiple substrates, deep bedding & all the other requirements

the issue is she is a bit picky, she doesn't like chew toys at all except for whimzees. the only way she will use them is if i put peanut butter on them & wipe off most of it

her favourite enrichment is her forage mat so i'm thinking that getting some puzzle toys or similar will be good

i'm having a hard time finding any that's affordable & in our country
i live in the UK

thanks for the help
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