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Default Pippin update

I have had Pippin for a month now.

I was told Pippin was female, but he is most certainly a male.

I'm only seeing him when I do the weekly clean at the moment, he does seem to be getting braver around me, but he won't come near my hand yet.

Yesterday I got him into his playpen for the first time, I got him into it by transporting him in a box he really likes in his cage, he came out the box quite quickly, but then he hid in the hideout I had in the playpen for a while, but he got braver and started exploring after a bit.

I did some taming while he was in the playpen, placed my hand in the pen for a while, he did freeze but then started moving again after a while, once he was moving around I would remove my hand for a little bit and try again a little bit later.
I have been talking to him daily, even if he isn't visible to me, I talk to him whenever I'm near or doing something in the cage, he seemed fine with me talking and moving about while he was in the pen, it's just my hand he finds unnerving.

I've had a motion sensor camera set up at night and he loves his wheel, spends ages on it.
He likes to dig in his sand but doesn't use it as a toilet unfortuantly.

Here's some photos of him:
Pippin 23032023.jpg

Pippin 010423.jpg
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