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Default Getting Two New Hamsters, worried one is preg

So... well the current people I'm getting hamsters from had an accidental litter supposedly. I'm not sure if they were just ill informed, or purposefully bred them. Either way, mom has been kept with babies until they are at least 1 month I think. What I worry about most... is if I'm getting a pregnant hamster (since I'm adopting the mother), I can handle it. I've gotten a pregnant rat, we don't disturb pregnant/birthing animals. But I know hammies are a little more sensitive.

A little bit of my background. I used to breed reptiles, scorpions, and jumping spiders. I am very aware of genetics and being careful with them. I'm very aware of providing all appropriate needs for all ages, seperating at sexual maturity, etc etc. But I just... don't know the process of hammy pregnancy/birthing/separation if I need to. If someone could point me to some info just in case! that'd be great. I just wanna be prepared T^T
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