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Default Re: She's home!! (Got a hamster)

she's absolutely gorgeous!!!
I'm not sure about disturbing her or waiting it out but I do know that I remember other people saying the same thing, so at least you know that it's not only Pippin, and that this behavior is common. Maybe putting in key words about the issue in the search option and see what comes up.
as for finding her toilet area, I personally just wait until it becomes obvious, or until the 1st cage clean to see where they prefer going but for most of hamsters, they chose to just use the sandbox regardless of where it was put. unfortunately, my Syrian hamster chose to make herself about 5 toilets (one of which is her sandbox) so it can be hard to keep up with all of them, and another hamster of mine decided she's above having a set place and uses the entire cage as her toilet, but I do have one extremely obedient hamster who will only use his sandbox as a toilet (never thought my only boy would be the neatest!!) so I guess just wait it out and see?
good luck!
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