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Personally I wouldn't put a Syrian in a zoozone as they're not tall enough. An 11" wheel just fits as the cage is only ~40cm tall. For a dwarf hamster it's fine (as long as the roof of meshed properly).

Internal dimensions are tricky as it tapers. At the widest point where I normally fill the substrate to, is just shy of 100x50 at something like 96x46.

I've not hade the mamble but it's quite tall so it may need a few adjustments to make it safer for hamsters as it's designed as a rat cage. Something animal on YouTube did a review of it when it came out and I think the internal dimensions are on there.

I imagine the maxi Duna is the same as the ZZ2.

Savic Plaza is about the 98x48cm. Barney and Alexander are about the same.

Marrakesh is just below as well.

Living world Large is 115x49cm so take a few cms off that which would be the thickness of the ply and perspex. But it does make up for it in height.

You may want to talk to other rescues as more and more are requiring people to have 120x50/60cm cages for Syrians, especially females.
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