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Default Washing water bowls/bottles?

Hi! Those are my 2 main concerns on similar things to dietary that I always donít know how it works,and willing to solve it!
Q1: I currently bought a water bowl for my future hammy,but I suddenly realised that I got to wash the bowl and Iím not sure if I have to wash it daily with specific dish soap or what. I also have a backup water bottle for when I go to a friends house for a sleepover and although I know I have to wash it even more often Iím not sure how to.

If washing them does require dish soap,can someone tells me what kind of soap and where can I buy them in the uk?

Q2:This is basically my main main problem-how much veggie to give? Iíve done some researches before and the answer I always found is just a small piece per day or few pieces per few days but Iím always willing to know how much does others give to theirs Syrians?

Thank you so much for reading this post!!
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