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Default Re: Bye bye beautiful Hammie

Thank you so much for your kind messages and for forums like this one.Since the passing of Hammie we have adopted 2 hammies more,a beautful tiny little queen called 'Snowy',she is a russian dwarf hamster,an adorable tiny white snowflake of a hamster who practically does her thing and has adapted beautifully to her new home and a cute capuccino syrian called Yummie,he looks like a capuccino coffee,white and brown with a little stripe of black fur between his eyes,very sociable and afectionate.We hope we can give them both a great life.We love them too much already and we are glad to see that all of them have very different personalities.
Hammie will never be replaced and we miss so much how much he loved his food,his breakfast treats,our cuddles and his tidy cage.
Forever in our hearts,until we cross paths again.
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