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Default Re: DIY Double cage help!

Originally Posted by sushi_78 View Post
With the shelving unit, I was thinking of something vertical where youbcan have one cage on each shelf. So similar to the DIY cage, but sturdier.

I'm not sure about the metal bracing. It's probably best to run it past a carpenter as it's quite a big project.

If you end up making the cage, I would recommend fixing it to thr wall which also means leaving the wheels off. It doesn't seem safe to me otherwise.
I left a post in a carpentry forum asking for help. I thought about the shelving unit but after I saw this build online, it looked much better than going down the shelving unit route.

I'm willing to buy thicker wood for the sides and bases if that helps. Will see what the people at the carpentry forum say...

The build on the video looked so good and something not impossible to do if I'm following the steps, but now I feel a bit foolish
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