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Default Re: DIY Double cage help!

Originally Posted by timidLittleHamster View Post
The reason I'm making them stacked is because of lack of space, can't do them separately.
Regarding the bottom cage, I'm adding 6 or even 8 wheels to the base to avoid sagging.

I'm not using IKEA wood on this, I'm using 12mm thick Plywood. What kind of metal bracing could I add?

I wanted to make a pretty double cage instead of 2 cages and a table or something like that. It would also be more affordable as well.
I have already invested money on the wood and cutting for this so I'd like to not waste all of that... What can I do?
With the shelving unit, I was thinking of something vertical where youbcan have one cage on each shelf. So similar to the DIY cage, but sturdier.

I'm not sure about the metal bracing. It's probably best to run it past a carpenter as it's quite a big project.

If you end up making the cage, I would recommend fixing it to thr wall which also means leaving the wheels off. It doesn't seem safe to me otherwise.
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