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Default Re: Advice on ventilation and activity...

I’m quite concerned with looking at your cage about the amount of ventilation. I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable with putting one of my hamster inside. My diy cage have the entire lid meshed. As just drilling holes is often not sufficient as can trap humidity and ammonia inside the cage and can restrict air flow. And I would be concerned with the hamster possible squeezing through the gap.

I really like that you want to provide your hamster with better cages and making a diy as you can give your hamster more space more cost effectively than store bought cages. How big are each of the floor areas? As it hard to see in the photos as at first I thought it looked small but then seeing the wheel in the cage it looks bigger than I first thought.

I would personally would add wire mesh to sections of the back and side. And over the windows. As they will allow for a better circulation into the cage. As I see the roof goes up quite high so you could always cut a section out of this and mesh it too. I do know mesh can look a bit more unsightly than acrylic but the amount of hole you would need to drill you risk cracking the acrylic. But can’t guarantee this will sufficiently improve ventilation if the meshed areas aren’t large enough

I hope this helps
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