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Default Bye bye beautiful Hammie

Our beautiful sirian hamster Hammy passed away peacefully yesterday evening.He was the most beautiful and lovely little thing I have ever owned.I had hamsters when i was a kid and always loved them.When my boy asked us to get a pet for his birthday we went to the pet store and he chose Hammy to be his friend.From the moment he arrived home he made himself comfortable in his cage and loved being cuddled by us.He used to spend breakfast with me after doing the school,he loved eating my biscuits and loved running down the stairs and follow me to the master bedroom.He used to sleep in our room and used to clean his cute face before us going to bed.He had a good long life and i have surprised myself how attached i became to this little furry thing.His loss is big and can't stop crying.He is now resting in a little cake box,looking beautiful to get ready to go to the vets tomorrow.We are planning on getting a hammy straight away as the house feels lonely without him.we love you so much Hammy,we hope we gave you a good life and you were happy with us.We took you for a walk on Xmas Day.Our special thing.Our hearts are broken,we hope to see you in Heaven one day.Safe journey little mama,papa and Bobby.Hammy-April 2021-Jan 2023
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