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Default Creeping Hamster

Hi all, this is my first post so hope it's in the correct place. I've had my first hamster for 8 days and just have a question. Cookie (girl) creeps very slowly around her 44 gallon/200 litre cage. She started doing this after 2 day's of having her. In the first 2 day's she was exploring her cage normally, going through tubes and looking like she was having fun and settling in well. But now she creeps everywhere very slowly and cautiously and doesn't venture into the tubes anymore. Other than doing that she seems absolutely fine. Eating, drinking, running on her wheel. She takes treats from us at the front of the cage and out of our hands and even walks onto our hands. It's just she has started doing this creeping thing and am just a little concerned. She's the slowest moving hamster I've seen. (Apart from when she's on her wheel when she turns into Usain Bolt Haha!)
Hoping someone can give me some advice or ease my concerns. Thanks in advance!
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