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Default Re: Need some advice on my hamsterís cage

Originally Posted by Lunaxham View Post
Alr thank u so much for the advices!! Iíve looked into the linnmon cage but I donít have a jigsaw to cut the wood pieces.Also what cage u use?Btw if I connected two bin cage together is it a broken floor space? Why I got two of the same message anyway
Yes, if you connected two bin cages it would be considered broken floor space. I think that it's better than nothing tho.
I have a (almost) 2 year old female dwarf hybrid. rn she lives in a 300 sq. in. bin cage after having lived in a 200 sq. in. cage for about a year. She's been a very happy hammie ever since the transition.
I know that female Syrians are much harder to please. so if getting a large enough enclosure for her is too hard or expensive, getting a male syrian or a dwarf might be something to consider. =)
I hope this has helped.
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