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Default Re: Hamster not eating

Thank you so much for your help. He has put on 1g so he is now 38g. He is on hipp organic carrot, cauliflower and peas. A while ago I did make these treats for him which contained organic oat flour, his food and crushed up mealworms and I found one yesterday and he has eaten it all he loved it, do you think I could feed these regularly?
I know for definite he was on rheumocam for dogs but he was only on 1 drop a day I donít know what other he was on but I can find out.
I think I might hold off on the metacam due to the side affects and maybe wait until it may worse and he may start losing a lot more weight.

I canít thank you enough for your help! He is still cleaning himself and is still so active although he has been getting sticky eyes a lot lately I bathe them for him and remove his sand baths whenever it happens.
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