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Default Re: Hamster not eating

Metacam is a pain relief/anti inflammatory so he may already have been on this to help treat his urinary infection. Loki has also been treated for this on more than one occasion although they couldn't say for sure whether he had an infection or not. He gets discoloured urine from time to time, but it could potentially be down to something he has eaten which can affect the colour of urine.
I would maybe find out what pain relief he was already prescribed, it may be that he needs to be on it a little longer to see if it makes a difference to his eating. Older hamsters can stay on it long term to keep them comfortable if they do have any pain related issues going on such as arthritis etc. Loki has been on it daily since he was about 2 years old. But.. your man is only a year and a half and I believe there can be potential side effects such as kidney damage with long term use. I had to weigh up the pros and cons, my little man was nearly 2, losing weight and quieter than normal and I was worried I was going to lose him shortly.
It is great Bean is still very active and I would definately keep his wheel in his cage for along as he enjoys using it. I have only recently taken Loki's out as his back legs are very weak and he can no longer run in it.
In my opinion and I can go only go by experience, it is fine to give a small amount of baby food daily. Just make sure it is suitable for dwarfs and doesn't contain too much sugar. Originally I would only give Loki the safe veggie options but now I give him a couple of fruity ones too as I would rather he was eating than worry too much about diabetes etc given his old age.
I would try and keep an eye of Bean's weight, maybe weigh him weekly if you can and if you are at all worried or notice any concerning changes, contact your vet. Unfortunately it is difficult for vets to examine these little guys and know if anything is going on unless there is something visible. The fact Bean is active I would take as a good sign!
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