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Default Re: Hamster not eating

My dwarf hamster lost a lot of weight last winter when he was nearly two years old and obviously it is difficult for a vet to diagnose what might be causing it. I started my boy Loki on Metacam incase it was pain related and I have to say this made a big difference. Bean would probably be classed as a senior now so he may be experiencing some age related health issues so it might be worth speaking to your vet and asking to try him on Metacam. Hamsters also love the taste as it is sweet, unlike Baytril!
Loki put weight back on and is still with me now, aged nearly 3 years! He is a very old and frail boy but still enjoys taking his meds, we call them his daily sweet treat!
Loki stashes his food and it is difficult to say how much he eats but I also give him baby food daily, I have done for the past year as he enjoys it. I also give him veg every day, like broccoli, kale, cauliflower.. it might be worth seeing if your little man will like any of these. Cucumber and a small piece of red/green pepper also go down very well as a treat! Loki would always eat whole mealworms and then one day he stopped but I found he would take them if I broke them up into small bits.
I'm not sure if I have been much help, but I really hope Bean starts eating again!
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