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Exclamation Hamster not eating

Hi everyone, hope Iím posting in the right place.

So I have an 18 month old dwarf hamster called bean who has always loved his food, itís usually his favourite time of the day.
He has always weighed 47g his whole life, I noticed he was losing weight and he was stashing his food but not actually eating it, his urine also appeared to have blood in. After taking him to the vet it was a urine infection which he was given antibiotics for (he hadnít been eating before the blood was in his urine) so I had been giving him organic baby food. Even after his infection has gone he still wonít eat anything but baby food and is still stashing his food. The vet said maybe he isnít eating because he would rather have the baby food but I said I started giving him the baby food in the first place because he wasnít eating ?

He has lost 10g in about a month and it now 37g still not eating his usual food, he will eat the odd piece of cucumber or lettuce and he loves the baby food but I have noticed his poo has started smelling of it, im worried Iím encouraging him to not eat by giving him the baby food?

I know hamsters donít eat as much as they age but he wonít even eat a mealworm he just leaves it or stashed it and the thing is he isnít even eating out of his stash. Can someone help??
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