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Default Re: My little man is so frail

No, it doesn't get any easier. Our little hamsters become such a big part of our lives and part of us.

My dwarf Ozzy was ill and on metacam for months but managed fine. One morning, he fell over and he wasn't able to turn himself back onto his legs again because he had lost the strength in his back legs. I saw the panic and distress he was in and knew that he would not regain the use of his back legs and that this could happen when i was asleep or not around. I had him pts that very day.

Loki is wobbly and falls over but as long as he is still able to get himself up again and doesn't show any obvious signs of pain like ears down all the time, hunched back etc, he may still have some quality of life left.

I think you will know when he's had enough because you care so much about him and you are sensitive to his needs.
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