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Default Re: My little man is so frail

It is the hardest decision in the world and sadly I don't have a great 'hamster' vet.
I was watching Loki this morning munching away and having a little chomp on his wooden stick but then as he walked away he stumbled because his back legs are so weak. I'm really hoping the pain relief is taking away any discomfort he feels. I honestly don't know what is the right thing to do and I know nobody else can make this decision for me. I have never had such an elderly hamster before and I feel so privileged to have had him for this long. The fact he is still eating I'm hoping means he is not in pain and I have lowered everything in his cage so he doesn't have to climb and his food and water are close to his nest.
For now I will continue to closely monitor him and hope with all my heart that he is not suffering.
I am so sorry to hear you recently lost your two little boys, it never gets any easier does it. X
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