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Default My little man is so frail

My beautiful old little man is getting so frail. Loki will be 3 years old next month and I just wish he could talk to let me know whether he is suffering or not.
His ear is still red and swollen, one of his eyes is sticky and closed most of the time and his back legs are very wobbly. Saying this, he still gets up for his food, cracks open his sunflower seeds, enjoys his veg and nibbles away at his wooden sticks.
He is on Metacam twice daily and Canaural ear drops, which unfortunately I can only put on with a cotton swab and gently rub around his ear.
I keep thinking when he goes off his food this will be the time when I know he is no longer happy, but am I wrong in thinking this way, could he be in pain and suffering. I know it is difficult for anybody to answer that question, I just love him SO much and always want to do what is best for him.
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