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Default Re: Hamster not been up, need advice.

when you get a new hamster, it is very normal for them to hide and come out very rarely for the first couple of days until they become accustomed to their surroundings.
Due to them being nockternal, it will be even harder to see them as I find that most hamsters generally come out and are most active at midnight through to 3 am.
I do recommend for the first couple of days that you leave him/her to it's own devices. Try to make sure you talk and move around the cage after a couple of days so your hamster can become accustomed to having you in its presence. Once you feel your hamster is feeling more comfortable trying feeding her/him and build on it from there.
I have adopted about 3 hamsters over the years who were all very nervous and shy; patience and care is key.

hope this helps.
However, if you still feel nervous just keep a close eye on it and seek a proffesional for help if necessary.
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