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Default Wooden cage questions

Hello, I'm new here and still only researching info about keeping a hamster. I don't have one yet.

I have come across some very beautiful pictures of wooden enclosures but I wonder...They're made of wood and you're putting a rodent in it. Won't they just chew it up in some time? Also, I wonder if it's harder to clean and if the wood will soak up pee after a while?

I've also seen quite a few glass enclosures, like aquariums or terraria. Unfortunately I live in a small studio with a really dangerous and small staircase. I could never get a huge glass enclosure up there. Hence why I'd like to go for a wooden enclosure but, like I said, I worry that the hamster will just chew through it. It would be expensive to get a new cage every so often.

Can someone explain this to me?
Sorry for my English.

Ps: I'm definitely not getting a wire cage because I worry the hamster will hurt himself when chewing on the wires. Plus, he'd also keep me up at night that way.
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