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Default Re: HELP- how to stimulate a rejected baby to go to the toilet

Originally Posted by souffle View Post
You have to use a cotton bud and do it quite rapidly but at 10 days they should be eating and drinking and eliminating on their own normally. Make sure you feed plenty wet food and soak the complete pellets in warm water. They need to have enough moisture to produce any urine. Milky porridge made with lactol is good but the best is the soaked complete nuggets as it provides all the nutrients at once. Don't put them on a water bottle directly as it's too warm and they can't regulate. Give lots of bedding and place the heat mat or bottle which should be only body temp underneath the nest area but they must be able to move off it if they are too warm
I found that in the end a piece of dry tissue and some tummy massaging helped, they were urinating by themselves but didn't defecate until about 8 hours after I posted this which was worrying but at least it happened.

They do still have their milk bands so I am not sure if they are onto solids yet? I'll try make some porridge for them to see if they can eat that. So far I've been giving a few drops of cat milk every hour.

And yeah I've got them on the hot water bottle but with a few layers of blanket over so they're not directly touching it! Just trying to keep them warm as its getting down to below 0 at night here now.

Hoping they survive the night, but preparing for the worst

Thank you for the advice though!
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