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Default Re: Is my hamster seriously unwell?

I would see another vet for another opinion. Try and find an exotic vet in your area. I can't see how the vet can diagnose internal parasites without a poo sample. The scabbing and hair loss could be a number of different things from mites to Cushings syndrome so I think another vet opinion is in order. I personally wouldn't give anything unless prescribed by the vets. If the vet gave their approval to this product then ask about that too when you get a second opinion.

If you google exotic vets in your region you should find one - they know a lot more about hamsters. You may have to travel a bit further but I doubt it would be far (the Uk is not a big country!). I have to travel about an hour to see the exotic vet.

Hope your hammy is ok after the fall. I would be very upset about that. It does happen which is why I take a box!

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