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Default Re: Is my hamster seriously unwell?

Hello, thank you for your reply. On Friday the vet took a hair sample and a skin sample but only with cellotape - we heard back today, there was nothing on these samples, however the vet also recommended to give the same medication as my sister did for the internal parasites which he also said should apparently not cause any harm even if he doesn’t have any, so I went today and picked this up. He said give it 7-10 days, if there is so change then he will do skin scrapping? He also said we have the option to send his hair sample off to check for ringworm which we will do but he did warn it can take up to four weeks to come back and said ringworm is only common in young hamsters however nonetheless I said yes as would like to have this ruled out. Bee seems to be doing fine after the fall, and is continuous to behave like his normal self. Slightly lost what to do at the moment apart from give him this medication and waiting?! Thank you for your reply!
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