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Smile Hello! We just got our first hamster <3

Hi! Thanks for accepting me to the forums. My daughter Maxine just got her first hamster 12 days ago. We spent a lot of time leading up to obtaining our new pet poring over the forums so we could give him the best home. He was sold to us as a winter white and we named him Mishka. So far he seems to be enjoying all the space in his new home. I'm sure we will have questions, but wanted to introduce ourselves and our new pet.

Mishka exploring his new enclosure: Mishka explores his new home - YouTube

Our other pets include a school of tetras, 20-odd tarantulas and a few other mygalomorphs, a vinegaroon, a big orange tabby cat named Rufus VonPouncey and a little 8 lb chorkie named Scamp.
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