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Default Re: Pets At Home "Large" Wire Hamster Cage

Originally Posted by miiko View Post
I think hamsters are happy in large cages, for example. You could make a DIY bin cage that is inexpensive and at the least 450 sq in (or larger) For $16 or 13.

I also recommend a more expensive but safe cage called the Ikea Detolf glass door cabinet for $60 or 48. This one is about 953 square inches.
I have a detolf, bought earlier this year and it was 75 plus 40 delivery. But I think it is still worth it as my Coco is much happier and you can fit in loads of enrichment. It's not very high but I put deep, deep substrate in one end (12 inches) and less in the middle bit with shallow aspen at the other end where the 11 inch wheel is.
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