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Default Re: Changing cage set up

Originally Posted by LunaTheHamster1 View Post
I don't clean my cages every month, and i don't really spot clean unless it starts to smell especially with my robo. Their pee and poos are very small. With my latest syrian she has a poo corner behind her wheel so I will pick them up, but that's it. I changed my cleaning habits after I adopted Twinkle a syrian, he was a scaredy cat when he arrived and so I didn't want to disturb his hide at all to do spot cleaning so I left it for 6 weeks and that's when i realised when their hides/sleeping areas get too dirty they tend to kick out their dirty bedding anyway.
It also very much depends on the hamster, for example elderly hamsters may pee more in their nests so then i will check and spot clean more often, but in general for a young healthy hamster I don't.

p.s. Glad you found the videos good/interesting. Thanks for watching.
Coco is a syrian and 'goes' behind her wheel too. She generally pees in her sandbox. I'll follow your lead.
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