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After speaking to my vet she has recommended I try a Xeno 50-mini spot on treatment and also some Canaural ear drops. She advised one single drop of the spot on treatment onto his skin and another in 14 days if needed. The ear drops are one single drop twice daily, and they contain an antibiotic and steroid. I have read online that the ear drops can be used for the treatment of ear mites so I wonder if I need to still use the spot on? I guess because I told her he was scratching all over that she advised both. She also informed me of the possible side effects with the ear drops. The steroid could lower his immune system and possibly make any underlying condition worse and it could also have an affect on his kidneys/liver. She said in cats/dogs they could experience sickness but it is unknown how it will affect little hamsters.
I'm of course worried about the side effects and giving him 3 different types of medication, Metacam twice daily, ear drops twice daily and his one off spot on treatment. But, at the same time I really want to try and help his ear and hopefully take any pain and discomfort away. He's a very old man so I have to weigh up all the pros and cons, I'm just worried I could potentially make him feel poorly.
I know you guys can't tell me what to do but I would very much appreciate any advice and I would be interested to hear if anyone has any experience with these ear drops or spot on treatment.
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