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Default Re: Ear bleeding and sore now.

Loki's ear is obviously bothering him as he is scratching it and making it bleed. Even the skin around the ear looks very red now. The ear also looks very swollen. Is there anything I can do to help him stop itching it? Are there any natural creams I could apply to soothe it? I did try a little salt water and dap it very gently with a cotton bud but I know there is a risk of getting water in his ear which would be bad. I don't know whether a vet could prescribe anything else other than Metacam or Bayril?? I read someone tried aloe vera gel, is this safe?
I just desperately want to help him as in all other ways he still appears pretty happy in himself. Yes, he is old and frail but he is still up and about and wanting his food. I would say he is scratching himself all over quite a lot but there are no bald patches and his skin doesn't appear dry or flaky.
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