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Default Re: I'm scared to take him out the cage

Would you please send us a picture of your playpen? I'm just curious, because I can't imagine how a hamster would escape my playpen, since it has a big 30cm wall, if that makes any sense and when I checked for playpens all of the playpens had high walls. You might want to get a new playpen to start a taming process.

When you've tamed your hamster and he'll trust you, you can put him on bed, but always be next to it and make sure nothing goes wrong. The most important thing is that your hamster would start loving you and come to you when you say it's name (that's what Bogie did). Don't be scared. It'll all go well, just keep your hands close to the hamster and don't leave him alone.
My hamster never fell down from anywhere. If I was able to do it so are you.
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