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Default Re: I'm scared to take him out the cage

what I do with my hamsters, is close my bedroom, bathroom, and closet doors and block off any majorly crowded areas and set up a lot of toys. I do this even with my teeny robo hamsters, despite them really not being tame at all. I got nervous the 1st few times, but I always end up finding them. even the few times where it took me a good 10 minutes to find them, I always did because there was nowhere else for them to go.
also, with 2 of my hamsters, they come running to me when I pat the floor. it sounds like you have a great bond with your hamster so he might do that also
if you really don't feel comfortable, maybe you can get one of those really big play pens, where you can sit in with him? I don't know which type you have, so maybe you have one that size already, but they're much harder to escape because they're so tall.
some ppl also set up a run in their bathtub, or they let their hamster run around in a kiddy pool.
hope this was helpful, good luck!!
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