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Default I'm scared to take him out the cage

I have a dwarf hamster. He is about 6 months old now. He is in a cage 100cm by 50cm with deep carefresh bedding, he has lots of toys, flying saucer and an 8 inch trixie wheel, he gets fresh food and water every day, I feed him little pieces of apple and cucumber and also forage. I pet him while he is into the cage and talk to him, and watch him in the cage, but I haven't been taking him out of the cage recently. I used to take him out and let him run around a playpen, but he just climbed out. A few times I have had him out on the bed but I am always panicking I lose him as he runs very fast and if he managed to slip down the side of the bed or something he might get hurt or I might never find him. I feel like I'm not going to be able to get the same bond with my hamster though. Maybe I should try the play pen again, it is a fun game he just climbs out and I put him back in again...

I'm worried I'm being cruel by not letting him out the cage but I'm terrified of something happening to him. I have lots of stuff all over my room so it would be very easy to lose him.
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