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Default Lucky Number 7

I call him that because he's lucky I'm a sucker for a cute face. Previously, I said that my first foster, Mayhem, would be my last hamster for a long time. Oy, I was wrong.

A new member of the family came along last month, bringing my tribe to 7. He's a little older than I normally get, between 6 and 10 months, and was surrendered to the pet store. Beyond that, I don't know any details. Since I'm well known for having and caring for a large family, the manager just let me have him.

So now Syrus has joined the party. He's a biter, having already drawn blood at least once. Almost made me think he was a vampire with the way that he kept going after my finger. So I'm currently in the process of getting him over the 'bitey' phase. Which will hopefully end soon.

Anyway, here's some pics of him and of Mayhem. Though in her case, I swear if it wasn't for those ears, you wouldn't be able to tell one end from the other.
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