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Default Re: Elderly Syrian Teeth

Thanks so much for your advice
I will look at getting Science Selective pellets and try soaking them too.
Her digestion seems to be okay for the moment but I will keep an eye on it and adjust her diet to suit. I will start to give her more things like porridge etc.

She does like cracking open monkey nuts so I'll keep up with that. I got her a walnut to see if she would try and crack that but so far she's had no interest in it.

She's currently in a hamster heaven and has one shelf which she for now seems ok accessing but I'll look at lowering it or taking it out if she starts to struggle.

Her nails have been worrying me a bit, I took her to the vet to see if they would trim them for me but she's just too squirmy so they didn't want to cut them. I've had a look at a few threads on here about their nails so I might try a couple of things that have been suggested. She's always moving around and her paws are always moving between the bars when she is next to the cage door so it's going to be difficult but I'm sure there will be something I can do.

I'll definitely have a look at your senior hamsters thread, thanks
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