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Default Elderly Syrian Teeth

Hey everyone,

I have a female Syrian called Waffle, she is just about to hit 2 years old and she has started to show signs of aging (She is sleeping more, fur is less shiny and thinner, nails are growing longer, she is a lot weaker and cannot climb as well as she used to).

She doesn't eat as much of her Harry hamster mix as she used to and has started becoming a bit fussier with it. Leaving out certain things I'm assuming maybe because they are too hard for her now

I know that as they get older they need softer foods such as baby food, scrambled eggs, steamed veggies, oatmeal etc. She has never been one for chewing to keep her teeth down and I had to get her sedated once to get them trimmed. I am worried that if I start to feed her softer foods that her teeth aren't going to wear down. I really don't want to take her back to the vet to be sedated again in her old age.

She likes the Greenies toothbrush dog treats but I know I can't give her them all the time so I was wondering if anyone had any advice on keeping her teeth from overgrowing since she doesn't like to chew on anything and now that I am feeding her softer foods.

Also if anyone has any other general advice for caring for an elderly hamster it would be greatly appreciated
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