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Hmm, not sure what's up. Rodney sleeps a lot.
That's the third night he didn't want to come out. He made a huge, cosy nest in his house and spends nearly all his time in there. I cut out the fruit and veg and give him only a little cucumber which seems to have helped his gastric problems. He eats a little soaked science selective and licks up his linseeds but ignores his hamster mix in the bowl. He pouches it when i scatter the very same mix around his house. Odd or maybe he's just running out of steam but the foraging instinct is still there.
He comes to his door for a quick hello and stroke but then goes back to bed.
Rodney behaves like a 90 year old human i know who has stopped going out. He just wants to stay in his cozy house and keep warm, sleep and watch a bit of sport.
I do their shopping and get things they enjoy. They both like to see me for a chat, seem content and don't complain.20221013_183912.jpg
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