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Rodney wasn't well yesterday and had another bout of diarrhoea. He told me by chucking soiled bedding out of his house. I took him out and put him in the transport box while i cleaned his nest and house. Rodney had a drink, pouched some food and went back to bed for the rest of the evening. All he wanted to do was sleep. He looked a bit bloated which is something i need to keep an eye on.

All was quiet this morning and he didn't come out for his porridge. I waited a bit and then decided to check on him. He was in a very deep sleep and submerged into his nest.

Later on i woke him because i had to go to work overnight and didn't want him to sleep in a damp nest. Glad to say that the diarrhoea had stopped and his nest was dry.

My OH just sent me photos of Rodney up and about but he does look a bit frail. He is up and down but don't think he's in pain. I'm not sure though which worries me a lot.

I'll phone the vet tomorrow to see if there's an alternative to Metacam available. She says that Metacam could aggrivate diarrhoea and advised against it.
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