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Default Re: Would it be a little too soon to take a new hamster?

Originally Posted by ShadowNinjaHamster View Post
He wouldn't have been able to get back it, since he wouldn't been able to climb up again.
No, I mean I really trusted Bogie. When people say "My hamster escaped" I was always thinking how is that even possible. Bogie always came to me, even when he was on the couch or on my bed. All I had to do is just call him and he came or put my hand on the couch or bed.

Bogie was active in the evening and in early morning. At night it was quiet. I know it because I work nightshifts often. He was way less active than my cat was, but then again there were nights when my black cat used to stare at me and I felt something staring at me and all I could see was his eyes. Creeped me out. I couldn't see Bogie at nights at all though.

I am thinking: this wouldn't probably work, right?
I can't get a new hamster too soon anyways, since I'd want someone to come with me. I'd at least like to know how old my hamster is. I don't know why, but at every vet I've been to I got weird looks when I said I don't know how old Bogie is.
He could've been the oldest hamster in the world without me even knowing about it, but yeah, I had him for 1 year and 2 months, so He could've been 1 year and 4 months the most.

I actually thought Syrian hamster's would definitely be able to climb out of it, so thanks for telling me that. Bogie liked his cage, I'd say. He just wanted to get out at certain times.

When the vet tells me to disinfect the cage, wait for 8 hours and then wash it as carefully as I can I will certainly wash the cage as carefully as I can again.

I'll probably need new wheels if I'll take a dwarf. I don't think the current ones are 28cm.

What I don't understand why is it so difficult to find ( at least over here ) normal hamster cages? Everything is just super small. Why do they sell those at all? Probably my gunea pig cage is too small for gunea pigs.
No that wouldn't be suitable because it's fabric. "Gauze". A hamster would chew through it and also could ingest the chewed material.

By "mesh" it means metal - strong like cage bars - like this

1cm square mesh - Google Search

I don't mean to be rude but - if you are going to keep another hamster and you ask for advice on here, it is really not a good idea to disagree with us when we answer questions and give advice on welfare and safety and then you just ignore and do something else.

While I fully appreciate what you say - that you trusted Bogie - that is just not a safe or practical approach to hamster care. It is our responsibility to make sure they are in a secure cage and not put them at risk. You can't possibly know a hamster wouldn't just decide to walk out of those bars - no-one can know that. Yes we know our hamsters - yes you might get away with it once or twice. Maybe you have been lucky there. But it's frustrating when we pass on all the welfare advice and you don't take it onboard.

The bar spacing was mentioned a long time ago. It was taking a risk and that is not what hamster welfare is about. Please don't get another hamster until you fully accept what is safe and what isn't.
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