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Default Re: Would it be a little too soon to take a new hamster?

Originally Posted by Ria P View Post
You were incredibly lucky that Bogie didn't escape. It is highly unusual for a hamster to stay in a cage they can easily get out of.

I would not get another hamster until you have meshed this cage. You would feel terrible if a hamster escaped from it and die a slow traumatic death trapped under a floor board, inside a wall or drainage pipe.

In fact, i think it is very irresponsible to keep a hamster in a cage that is not escape proof and hope for the best.
Bogie never escaped from anywhere and stayed near me, even when he was on the couch or on bed, but then again there was never anywhere to really go and I never put him on the floor. I would've probably seen the fastest runner in the world.
Bogie didn't even escape even when the cage was not covered. He didn't even try to. I'd say pretty much all he cared about was food, which is how I also noticed that something is wrong.
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