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Default I'm an old newbie

Hi, I am 73 and this year I bought a hamster for the first time. As a child I had hamsters but now I know I did all the wrong things, this time I want to be sure my Coco is happy and well cared for.
I got her in March when she was about 8 weeks old, she is now fully grown and even for a syrian female she is big! She is blonde and adorable. She doesn't like to be handled but she does allow me to cuddle and stroke her for a few minutes each evening when she has woken up.
I have had three cages, the first one was way too small and she started bar chewing. The second one was quite good, 800 sq inches of floor space but still she was bar chewing from habit, so now I have an Ikea Detolf and she seems much happier.
She is great company in the evenings and when I get up for a pee in the night (as old ladies do), there she is to have a chat to. I spoil her with lots of toys and tons of substrate to burrow in.
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