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Originally Posted by Stanza View Post
Sorry I donít think Iím supposed to post these here, but Iíve two completely random questionsÖÖ..

1). How long does everyone leave an uneaten or chewed whimzee in the cage?

2). Would you say Syrians donít burrow as much as dwarfs and robos as Iíve added lots of substrate to Hams cage on various occasions but he just seems to trample all over it rather than attempt to tunnel through it. Itís just the Kaytee clean and cosy maybe itís not so good to burrow in?

1) I leave it in there until itís gone! Usually mine drags it away into his burrows before I have a say in anything thoughÖ lol
2) Iíd say syrians burrow more! Add at least 6+ inches all around the cage, pat it down slightly so burrows donít collapse, and add some burrow starters such as tubes pushed into the bedding. See if that makes a change.
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