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Not quite sure what happened tonight but Rodney got spooked.
I opened up his freeroaming area and scattered the toys about the whole area.
He run from the hall to the kitchen and lounge to have a good sniff around. He then went back to the hall and run on the saucer with me next to him.
Rodney suddenly looked up and then shot off the saucer and raced to the corner under the shoe rack and wouldn't come out.
I retrieved him and put him down in the lounge but he then raced under the armchair and wouldn't come out.
I retrieved him again and put him back in his cage because i felt that he needed to feel safe. Rodney went in his house where he is now.

I made a couple of mistakes with the best of intentions.
I should have kept his playground set up the same and in the hall.
When he got spooked the first time, i should have put him back in his cage.

I have no idea what spooked him but hamsters do sometimes spook for reasons unknown to us.
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